East Sussex Solar Panels

Here at South East Solar and Storage we pride ourselves on delivering high quality and cost effective solar panel installations.

Based in Eastbourne, East Sussex, we are a local company covering the South East installing Solar panel installations on Domestic, Commercial and Industrial properties.Through our no nonsense approach, we will give you the best of installation and product
advice without any pushy salesmen. Giving you the time and ability to make the best decisions for your home.

Using our services will allow you to obtain the key solar benefits noted below:

  • Hugely reduce you homes electricity bills by consuming your own solar generated free electricity.
  • Protect your home from continual electrical supplier price increases.
  • Still benefit from the Governments Solar panel Feed-in-tariff scheme, generating you thousands of pounds over the life of the system.
  • Exporting excess solar energy back to the grid to earn additional income from the government scheme.
  • Cutting your carbon footprint and benefiting the environment.
  • Be able to utilise solar storage systems to become less reliant on the electrical grid and become more self sustainable.
  • Contact South East Solar and storage today on 07470 126876 to get your free no obligation proposal.