Our Solar Fitting Kits


Schletter has already been on the solar market for more than 30 years.

The experienced manufacturer of professional solar mounting systems offers a variety of fasteners for photovoltaic modules. Our systems combine optimum structural dimensions, short assembly times, economic efficiency and maximum durability at attractive prices. Depending on the specific design, we offer a durability warranty of 5 or 10 years on our systems.


On roof tile mounting systems

Slate on roof mounting systems

Flat roof mounting systems


All systems are manufactured exclusively in Germany.

Schletter solar mounting systems are modular systems with universally applicable high-value components (mounting rails (Solo 05), rail connectors (Eco 5), rail end caps, washers, substitute tiles, wood screws, module clamps and much more).

In-roof mounting systems

Ground mounting systems


This allows maximum flexibility when mounting the system.

The wide range of components and systems allows the fastening of almost any module configuration to almost any roof. Due to our high-value elaborate products, the time required for assembly is shortened, and an individual structural analysis safeguards long-term durability. When choosing the best suitable variant for your roof, you can choose between fastening solutions that are parallel to the roof or inclined