Our Inverters

Solis Mini 4G Dual MPPT Inverter
  •   High switch frequency technology-Smaller, smarter
  •   Low start up voltage
  •   Compact and lightweight visually pleasing for domestic environment
  •   80V-600V input voltage range- ultra low start-up
  •   Over 97.5% Max. efficiency
  •   Precise MPPT algorithm
  •   RS485 WiFi/GPRS (optional) interface
  •   WiFi monitoring available---iphone and android app available
  •   5 years standard warranty 20 years optional upgrade



ABB UNO-DM-3.68-TL-PLUS-B Single Phase inverter  

The new design wraps ABB’s quality and engineering into a lightweight and compact package thanks to technological choices optimized for installations with different orientation.
All power ratings share the same overall volume, allowing higher performance in a minimum space, and have a dual Maximum Power Point Tracker (2 MPPT).
SolarEdge advanced technology HD-Wave inverter 
Optimized installation with HD-Wave technology
- Record-breaking efficiency
- Parallel configuration for better generation
- Online monitoring system 
- Extremely small, lightweight and easy to install
- High reliability without any electrolytic capacitors
- Built-in module-level monitoring
- Outdoor and indoor installation

All our Inverters are

All over 97% efficiency inverters

Making sure you get the best return from your system requires a high efficiency inverter to make the best of your generation.

minimum 10 year warranty on all inverters

Although a ten year warranty inverter is a good investment, we are able to offer up to 25 years if you require

Online monitoring

Giving you up-to-date energy generation, system performance and making sure your system is working to the best of its ability.