Our Panels

 Perlight 250W Delta Mono Triple Black 

The 250W Delta Black Monocrystalline module is designed especially for the European market by Perlight, recognising the importance of aesthetics in construction

When installed in arrays, the Delta Black offers a more uniform appearance, enabling PV modules to integrate into new and existing buildings without necessarily making the array the focal point of the building.

This module continues the trend from Perlight of well made, good looking products that offer outstanding value for money.

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 JA Solar JAM6(L) -60PR Mono 60 Cell Panel 

The JA Solar JAM6(L) 60 PR Mono 60 Cell Panel features 60 percium cells, aluminium backing, and anti-reflective coating designed to capture more power at lower light levels.

The panels also feature one of the highest hail ratings (class 4), making them ideal for areas with lower sunlight.

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 LG's new module,320w Mono NeON Black panel
Cello technology replaces 3 busbars with 12 thin wires to enhance power output and reliability.
NeON™ X-2 demonstrates LG’s efforts to increase customers' values beyond efficiency. It features enhanced warranty, durability, performance under real environment, and aesthetic design suitable for roofs.

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All our panels are

Tier 1 rated solar panels

All our panels are from Tier 1 solar panel manufacturers. Tier 1 manufacturers have investments with at least 5 major banks, are international players, and are therefore better able to back up their warranties.

25 year warranty

You want to know that the efficiency of your panels is guaranteed, which is why we set a minimum of a 25-year warranty. These panels are guaranteed at 90% efficiency for a minimum of 10 years and at 80% for a minimum of 25 years.

Value for money

Our primary concern was choosing panels that offer a high value in exchange for the money. We looked for models that balance efficiency with cost, so that you can get the most return for your investment.

High User reviews

User reviews are important for determining the long-term quality of a panel. We only chose panels with reviews that average at 4.5 or higher


We are concerned with quality and longevity, so all the panels that we sell feature high salt and ammonia corrosion resistance certified by TUV NORD or an equivalent body, a minimum wind load of 2400 Pascal and snow load 5400 Pascal, and a minimum efficency warranty of 25 years.


Choosing panels that look good on your roof. Saving you money on your energy bills but also complementing the look of your home.