Our voltage optimisers

Apex Domestic VO unit  - Single Phase Voltage Optimisations

A money saving domestic voltage optimisation unit, works in harmony with any Solar PV installation, providing immediate savings on electrical energy usage, typically between 5-13%.

Typical appliances that benefit from voltage optimisation are fridge/freezer motors, washing machine and dishwasher motors, garage door motors, central heating pumps, vacuum cleaners, LCD TV, microwave cookers, audio equipment, incandescent lamps, compact fluorescent lamps, halogen lighting.

Apex domestic voltage optimisation features: -

- 100A Double pole isolator included

- 63A rated toroidal transformers

- Automated mains by-pass for undervoltage, overcurrent & overtemperature protection

- Compatible with solar PV installations

- Can be mounted horizontally or vertically for ease of installation if there is limited space

- Simple tails in, tails out installation, tyically fitted within 1 hour

- Increases the lifecycle of vaious household appliances