Solar Installation Sussex

South East Solar and Storage is proud to deliver quality solar panel systems at very competitive prices.

Centered in Eastbourne, East Sussex, we’re a local company covering the whole South East. We install Solar panel installations on everything from Domestic to Commercial to Industrial properties.

With our direct approach, you will receive the best installation and product advice free from pushy salesmen. We give you the time you need to make the best decisions for your home or business.

Our services will give you the key benefits of solar noted below:

  • Big reductions in your homes electricity bills by generating your own free
    electricity from your solar system.
  • Shields your home from your electrical suppliers regular price increases.
  • You will benefit from the Governments Solar panel Feed-in-tariff scheme, paying
    you thousands of pounds over the life of the system for the generated electricity.
  • Any excess solar energy is Exported back to the grid earning you additional
    income from the government scheme.
  • Reducing your carbon footprint and having a positive impact on the environment.
  • You have the option to utilise solar storage systems making you less reliant on
    the electrical grid and increasing your self sustainability.

South East Solar and Storage gives you a free no obligation proposal. If you’re interested contact us today on 07470 126876