Solar System Repair Kent

South East Solar and storage specialises in the survey, installation and commissioning of small and large scale solar PV installations. We are a local family run Solar installation company. Offering a high degree of engineering and installation experience.

Solar panel systems require very little maintenance or repair. They are self cleaning when mounted at 15 degrees or more. Ensuring efficient energy generation throughout the life of the system and continue to look the same as when installed.

System faults can occur but are infrequent. If you notice your system is not performing correctly or warning lights are flashing, it is important to have a solar engineer inspect your system and ascertain what faults have occurred.

Some older systems were designed/installed poorly and are not generating to the best of their ability. We are happy to inspect your existing system and explain how to optimise your solar system to achieve the generation you should be getting.

Contact South East Solar and Storage to provide a survey of your existing system on 07470126 876